Review the latest tools and services with GW

Get your hands on innovative new kit before anyone else and have your say on how it performs

Review the latest tools and services with GW
Jack Alford of Court Autos Telford getting to grips with a brand new induction heating tool for a GW review.

GW readers are being given the opportunity to review brand new tools, equipment and workshop services from some of the biggest brands and manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket.

GW editor, Mike Ruff said: “We want you to tell us how they perform in the real-world workshop environment, just as Court Autos Telford did with the brand new SIP induction heating tool in the latest issue of GW Views.

“The list of products to review often varies from cleaners and degreasers to large garage equipment and even workshop management software.”

Readers are also invited to register their interest for a regular feature column on industry topics for GW Views, an opportunity to express your opinions, share know-how and raise important matters of interest.

Mike added: “We invite you to share your stories, pictures and videos.

“Let us know about what matters to you and get your concerns heard. In addition, we’re also looking for passionate technicians to share their expertise and air their views in a regular feature column.”

For further information on testing new products or information on how to become a reader contributor, email your details to [email protected].

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