‘Undervalued’ rubber metal parts are safety critical, warns brand

Febi say the quality of rubber metal components must come under closer scrutiny

‘Undervalued’ rubber metal parts are safety critical, warns brand
Made in Germany: manufacturing competence with rubber metal.

Connecting a variety of different parts, within different systems, rubber metal components are crucial for adding support and protection to many components.

And with the increasing complexity of vehicle chassis’, Febi Bilstein say it is vital that the quality of rubber metal parts comes under closer scrutiny.

Febi said: “Rubber metal parts must firmly fix their respective components in place, and any signs of wear could lead to more serious damage to the surrounding parts.


Febi’s rubber metal parts:
  • Over 700 individual anti-roll bar bushes.
  • Almost 800 control arm bushes.
  • Almost 400 suspension strut mounts.
  • Over 350 buffers.
  • Over 750 engine mountings.

“Our rubber metal parts support the steering, suspension and engine, providing driving stability and steering performance for your vehicle.

“Every part within the range is tested and measured to ensure it closely matches OE specifications, using a variety of different techniques and equipment.”

Febi Bilstein supplies a range of more than 2,000 high quality rubber metal components, with OE grade rubber used on all bushes, as well as hydraulic bushings where applicable, ranging from Alfa Romeo to Volkswagen.

Find Febi’s range of rubber metal parts on Febi Live, sign in or register by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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