‘Safe and easy’ solution for removing HGV wheels released by Sykes-Pickavent

Kit provides technicians with additional safety protection from weight of wheel, Sykes has said

‘Safe and easy’ solution for removing HGV wheels released by Sykes-Pickavent
Sykes' latest hydraulic wheeel puller offers a 'safe and easy' solution for removing HGV wheels, the company has said.

Sykes-Pickavant’s new 20880000 hydraulic wheel puller offers a ‘safe and ‘easy’ solution for removing wheels on HGVs, featuring equal load distribution for a smooth and balanced pull, the company has said.

HGV wheels can become seized over time through general operation and road grime.

Contact with alkalis and salts (especially during winter) and repeated exposure to heavy loads can cause corrosion, which can lead to the locking of the wheel.

The Sykes-Pickavant 20880000 HGV Hydraulic Wheel Puller was launched at the beginning of January in the first promotional brochure of 2019 and is designed specifically for the removal of steel 10-stud 22.5” HGV wheels.

Safe and easy procedure

The 20880000 pulls inner and outer wheels on both twin and single-wheel hubs.

The equal-load distribution achieved using the four high-strength chains provides a smooth and balanced pull for a safer and easier procedure, these connect to the inner or outer rim using the relevant hook-sets provided.

Remove ‘most difficult of seized wheels’

Up to 12 tonnes of hydraulic force is applied using the ram, dislodging the most difficult of seized wheels with ease.

The mobile trolley included in the kit offers additional support whilst pulling, affording the operator extra protection from the weight of the wheel being removed.

Sykes-Pickavent’s most popular applications are covered with the centre spigot frame assembly, which features two ring sizes of 221mm and 281mm centre hole diameter.

The puller can be adapted for use with alloy wheels using optional internal and external soft-coated hook sets that are available to purchase separately.

The kit is supplied in a metal case for secure storage and transportation.

Find out about the full product listings on the Sykes-Pickavant website by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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