Servicesure Autocentres launches ‘Brakes for Life’ offer

New ‘brakesure’ initiative gives motorists lifetime replacement on brake pads

Servicesure Autocentres launches ‘Brakes for Life’ offer
Servicesure will launch Brakesure in the first quarter of 2017.

Servicesure, which announced its network had reached 400 sites during November, has already started preparing its national network ahead of the consumer launch of Brakesure in the first quarter of 2017.

Brakesure has been designed to empower member garages, which will choose when to offer qualifying customers the lifetime replacement option.

Brakesure will cover all brake pads and shoes purchased by participating Servicesure Autocentres from any branch of The Parts Alliance’s member businesses.

The Brakesure proposition has been developed following extensive input from Servicesure’s member panel, with garages quickly embracing the concept, highlighting its potential to both win business initially and to help ensure those customers then keep on coming back.

The new Brakesure logo will be appearing from January 2017 onwards, initially on a suite of point-of-sale marketing materials for participating Autocentres to use.

Consumer comparison website partners have already expressed interest in helping collaborate to get the Brakesure brand in front of the public too.

Benefits for the motorist and garage

Paul Dineen, head of garage programmes at The Parts Alliance, said: “Ultimately it’s a means of reinforcing quality braking, which benefits both the motorist and the garage.

“It’s an extra choice to put to the customer.

“Drivers can still go for the easy option and just replace the brake pads like before, or they can decide to have their braking system comprehensively checked and enjoy the peace of mind of Brakesure.”

Though uptake is at the garages’ discretion, The Parts Alliance believes the majority of garages will opt to offer Brakesure during 2017.

Brakesure’s lifetime brake pad replacement offer is reliant upon the braking system being fully appraised first, through a 26-point check process that brings potential safety benefits to UK roads.

“We know from the processes put in place, that every customer who drives away with Brakesure will have had their brakes fully checked,” added Dineen.

“That’s not only good news for them, but also for all other road users too.”

To find out more about the range of benefits enjoyed by garage members of the fast-growing Servicesure network follow the ‘more details’ link.

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