Seven in ten cars now equipped with advanced driver assistance systems

Autonomous emergency braking, parking assistance and blind spot sensors top the list of most popular new car tech

Seven in ten cars now equipped with advanced driver assistance systems
Around seven in ten new cars available with driver assistance systems, with 1.8 million buyers a year benefitting from collision avoidance technology.

New driver assistance technology is making British roads safer, with systems that mitigate driver errors and prevent accidents now available on almost seven in 10 cars on the market, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT).

Latest data from SMMT and JATO Dynamics shows that some 66.8 per cent of new cars are offered with at least one self-activating safety system, either as standard or as an optional extra.

Nearly 1.8 million new vehicles a year are now available with collision warning systems alone, up 20 per cent on the previous year.

It’s just one of a raft of technologies now in showrooms, including autonomous emergency braking (AEB), parking assistance, adaptive cruise control and overtaking (or blind spot) sensors.

AEB, for example, which automatically applies the brakes to avoid or reduce the effects of an impact, is available on more than half of new cars, with a quarter featuring the technology as standard.

Meanwhile, overtaking sensors are available to 42.1 per cent of buyers and adaptive cruise control, which allows the car to slow down and speed up automatically to keep safe pace with the vehicle in front, to 36.2 per cent.

Parking assistance technology, including cameras and sensors, is available as standard or an option on 58.8 per cent of new cars.

What advanced driver assistance systems mean for your workshop

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said: “Safety is the number one priority for vehicle manufacturers and the pace of technological change is faster than ever before, with driver assistance technologies now available on the majority of vehicles cars.

“Fully autonomous cars may still be some way off but millions of consumers are already enjoying the benefits of new technology which can only help make our roads safer.”

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