Sheffield garage sees 14 cars disappear in overnight raid

Thieves drove away £120,000 worth of stock from Deepcar Motor Company on Friday night

Sheffield garage sees 14 cars disappear in overnight raid
Garage owner Emil Berek in empty showroom.

An overnight raid that’s ‘decimated’ a Deepcar-based business whose owner has worked in the motor trade for over 30 years, The Star has reported.

Thieves stole most of the cars from the showroom, where the more expensive models were kept, and also drove some off the forecourt.

Garage owner Emil Berek said: “In the 25 years I have been involved in car sales we have had three or four cars taken in total, for 14 to go in one night is unbelievable. This kind of thing just doesn’t happen.

“There must have been at least 14 people involved in this.”

Garage CCTV was not working at the time of the raid and neighbours heard nothing.

Emil added: “Those involved would have been wearing masks no doubt, so how much the footage would have helped I don’t know.

“This was obviously planned because nobody nearby heard anything even though this happened in the middle of the night, they knew what they were doing.

“Whether these were stolen for export or to break up for parts, I don’t know, but I imagine the number plates will all have been removed by now.”

Cars taken included an Audi A1, an Audi A5, a heavily modified BMW 5-series, a Range Rover Sport and CLS, E Class and S Class Mercedes models.

South Yorkshire Police have appealed for information, by calling 101 and quote incident number 318 of September 29.

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