Slicker answers its most-commonly asked questions

UK’s largest collector and processor of waste oil has ambitions to help sector dramatically reduce its environmental impact

Slicker answers its most-commonly asked questions

Slicker Recycling Limited has revealed the answers to its most commonly asked asked questions.

It follows recent news that it now transforms waste oil into a new base lubricating oil.

How often should we have our waste oil removed?

Obviously, this depends on how much waste oil your business produces.

We have an on-demand service and suggest you get in touch when your bulk oil tank/IBC/Drum is three quarters full.

Our lead time is around five to seven working days.

What do we do if we have a spill?

The point here is to be prepared.

We offer a wide range of products for spill hazards which can be very harmful to the local environment if not dealt with properly.

What is the minimum quantity of waste oil you collect?

As a rule of thumb, think 500 litres as a minimum.

Does the waste oil we collect get recycled?

We send it to our oil re-refinery in Denmark where it is reprocessed and then reused as a lubricating oil.

No other waste oil collector in the UK does this and it’s part of our commitment to sustainable waste management practices.

Do we need to fill out legal paperwork?

No, we’ll do that for you to ensure you are fully compliant with the latest environmental regulations.

We’ll also give you with a consignment note as evidence.

Do you offer a nationwide service?

Wherever you are in mainland UK, we can give you a prompt service, due to our large vehicle fleet and wide network of depots.

Can we burn our waste oil?

This is a no no – unless you have a costly permit issued by local authorities.

The initial application fee is £3,218.00 and then you pay an annual fee of £1,384.00.

Do you collect oil and water?

Yes we do, although this is a more specialised service. Just get in touch and we’ll talk.

Can you make our life easier?

Don’t forget that we also deal with all of your workshop waste as well.

For further information or to book a collection call 0330 159 8325 or email

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