Suicidal £30k tool thief spared jail

Two year prison sentence suspended for 12 months after diagnostic kit and £1,800 cash stolen from garage

Suicidal £30k tool thief spared jail
Clacton Car and MOT centre in Clacton-on-Sea. Image: Google Street View.

A garage workshop thief who admitted his part in a burglary which saw £30,000 worth of equipment stolen has been spared jail after trying to take his own life.

Kieron Milligan left blood at Clacton Car and MOT centre in Clacton-on-Sea before taking the tools which he later tried selling at a cash exchange shop, the Clacton Gazette has reported.

Richard Scott, prosecuting at Chelmsford Crown Court, said: “Entry appeared to have been gained by smashing a window at the front of the garage.

“The cost of repairing the window was some £400.

Alarm ripped from wall

“An untidy search was conducted of the premises and the alarm system was disabled by ripping it from the wall.

“Something like £30,000 worth of equipment, which was technological and diagnostic equipment, including computers, was stolen, and £1,800 in cash was also taken.”

Milligan admitted charges of fraud and burglary but the court accepted he had not acted alone and was the victim of cuckooing – a practice whereby drug dealers take over the home of a user to use as a base of operations.

Daniel Sutter, mitigating, said Milligan has mental health difficulties.

“Didn’t intend to make anyone’s life difficult”

He said: “He has asked me to relay his remorse.

“He certainly didn’t intend to make anyone’s life difficult.

“In the grip of the circumstances he found himself in, he paid rather less attention to others than he did himself.

“The probation report highlights he is possibly schizophrenic.

“He is clearly a man who is not wholly well.

“He made an attempt on his life and was in hospital on Monday, when this case was originally listed.”

Suicide attempt

The burglary was carried out in 2017 but took two years to get to court due to delays in the investigation.

Judge Emma Peters suspended a 12-month prison sentence for two years to allow Milligan to continue steps made with the probation service.

He must complete a 50-day rehabilitation activity requirement and 120 hours of unpaid work.

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    Ken Lister

    And they say crime does not pay ! 30k worth of damage to a small business and in reality the thieving little muppet has got away with it .The legal system in this country is a Joke why should buisness always be the looser ?

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    Anthony Roe

    totally agree, i guess the garage had to claim on their insurance increasing their costs making it even harder to earn a living that is if the insurance company agreed to pay out as they always find a way of wriggling out of it

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    Craig Ross

    Imagine if the same thief broke into a Judge, Magistrates or Social workers home & caused the same amount of damage & stole £30,000 of their property i am sure the sentence wouldnt be so leniant. These mindless morons (by that i mean the Judges/Magistrates/Social workers) are so out of touch with the real world they dont see the what the “commoners” can see….. Crime does pay!
    As for the defence that the defendant was probably schizophrenic … thats what drugs do for you.

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    Peter Miles

    If his suicide attempt had been a success would the world have been a better or a worse place?
    Just a question to think about.

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