Swarfega Heavy hand cleaner gets positive online reviews

Eco-friendly, heavy-duty hand cleaner lauded by users

Swarfega Heavy hand cleaner gets positive online reviews
Hands are perhaps the most important tool for any vehicle technician.

Swarfega has said it has just the product to clean it up after a busy day in workshop – Swarfega Heavy.

Swarfega Heavy is a heavy-duty, hand cleaner with perlite particles, which are manufactured from expanded particles of volcanic rock.

The naturally occurring and renewable rock is an eco-friendly alternative to micro beads, and they act as hard-working scrubbing agents to quickly remove dirt and grease.

The particles are not abrasive to skin, and are easily rinsed off.

Swarfega say its Heavy product is fast acting, versatile, economic and also acts a skin conditioner.


  • “Great product, been using it for years and wouldn’t do without it” – Screwfix reviewer.
  • “Great for after work, I work with different types of grease – using this takes any stains off your hands” – Amazon reviewer.
  • “A hand cleaner that cuts through just about anything you can give it” – eBay reviewer.

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