Sykes-Pickavent releases latest pen light for technicians

New features implemented to support technicians' ease of work

Sykes-Pickavent releases latest pen light for technicians
Sykes-Pickavent has launched its latest light that features a raft of new additions for technicians

Sykes-Pickavant has released its latest advanced lighting system pen light, featuring a variety of new features for the independent automotive trade.

The Sykes-Pickavant pen light series is designed for use by professionals within the automotive industry has been developed to work within the garage environment.

It uses aviation-grade aluminium housing that provides an ultra-lightweight solution with an anti-corrosive finish.

The compact design makes the Pen Light portable and can easily slot into a belt or into a pocket.

The Pen Light is available as PEN151R; a 150lm LED pen light with LED top and PEN152R; a 150lm LED pen light with laser top.

Both options are rechargeable, with a two to three-hour charging time and two-hour operating time.

The front COB LED on both models has two brightness modes – 75 and 150 lumen.

Technology memorises your working patterns

The PEN151R has a 100 lumen top LED and the PEN152R a FDA-certified laser top with 650mm wavelength.

Featuring dual lighting options, the pen can be used for narrow work areas.

The pen lights also feature a brightness memory function, which records after five seconds of use and recalls when the device is next activated for ease of use.

Sykes-Pickavent is a provider of lighting solutions for the automotive aftermarket and wider independent garage sector.

Find out more about the new advanced lighting system pen light by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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