BTN Turbo training website speeding technicians

BTN Turbo training website speeding technicians

BTN Turbo, the world’s largest independent turbocharger distributor, are reminding motor technicians of the opportunity to test and develop their skills with their online training facility dedicated to turbos.

With nearly 40 years experience in the turbo market, BTN Turbo has masses of must-know information that’s invaluable for everyone in the workshop, from apprentices to experienced technicians.

The BTN training website is completely free to use, and provides all the information motor technicians need to become turbo experts.

Videos and diagrams add practical elements to the training courses to convey information on the key topics quickly and easily. These cover everything from why vehicle manufacturers fit turbos and how they work through to reasons for failure, part identification and best-practice replacement.

Technicians have the flexibility to work through the course at their own pace. Everyone completing all the multiple-choice questions and scoring 100% wins an exclusive BTN Turbo T-shirt.

Just click the ‘More Details’ button below to view the website now.

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