Tenneco supplies newly-launched Renault Talisman with suspension

Part of the Monroe Intelligent suspension portfolio

Tenneco supplies newly-launched Renault Talisman with suspension
Tenneco offers a full range of electronic suspension systems.

Tenneco is supplying the Renault Talisman D-segment sedan with its semi-active CVSAe suspension.

The Talisman provides what Renault calls a personalized driving experience via its multi-sense technology, which offers drivers the choice of comfort, sport, eco, neutral and perso modes.

Tenneco’s CVSAe technology is available as an option within Renault’s multi-sense system, allowing drivers to select ride comfort or dynamic, agile handling for a sportier ride.

Enrique Orta, Tenneco senior vice president for ride performance, said: “We are delighted that Renault has chosen Monroe Intelligent Suspension for this innovative new compact, executive sedan with its combination of four-wheel steering and semi-active suspension.”

The Talisman is the second model in the Renault range to feature Monroe Intelligent Suspension.

To find out more about the suspension available from Tenneco, follow the ‘more details’ link below.

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