The alarming discoveries made by UK MOT testers on a daily basis

Sawn-off shotguns, rifles, hand guns and class A drugs found behind car seats and inside the boot - have you seen worse?

The alarming discoveries made by UK MOT testers on a daily basis
What lurks inside? Share your worst findings in the comments below.

MOT testers have exposed some of the shocking things they have found while undertaking the annual test.

New research, which was undertaken by Prestige Motor Warehouse at 22 different MOT stations across 12 counties in England, highlighted a number of alarming items including sawn-off shotguns, rifles, hand guns and class A drugs.

All of these items were found tucked away in a boot or under a car seat as stunned testers kept quiet and carried on with their jobs.

According to the researchers, the law requires items of this nature to be immediately reported to the police.

Too scared to intervene

However, some of the MOT testers quizzed were reportedly too scared to intervene.

One tester revealed he was stunned and shaken by his find.

He said: “I remember checking the seatbelts of one Range Rover and sticking out from under the seat was a sawn-off shotgun and a box of live ammunition.

“But without being too nosey, also laying under the seat was about ten small bags of class A drugs.”

Another tester revealed that when he told his manager of his find, he was told to “ignore it and carry on with his job” as the matter was tucked away, literally.

Other shocking discoveries found by testers included large quantities of Viagra and prescription drugs to a carrier bag full of condoms.

A car, owned by an elderly gentleman, was also found to have a boot full of dead rabbits and a hunting knife.

Sex toys, underwear, and prosthetic arms and legs have also all been found by testers.

Have you found worse? Share your experiences in the comments below.

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    What the hell are you doing publishing such an article ! It is of no business to us what people have in their cars and unless it is a direct danger to me as an MOT tester such as needles etc, I do not touch it and certainly do not take a picture of it! Peoples cars and what’s in them are their own private property end of .

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    Peter Miles

    Working, as I do, in an agricultural area, shotgun cartridges and hypodermic needles are commonplace and although I’m careful with them I’m also sure that there is no illegality involved!
    The only time I’ve felt the need to take any action was when I found a shotgun (not just cartridges) in the boot of a car I had in overnight. I was worried that as a non-licence holder if it was to get stolen it might be awkward to explain why it was on my premises in the first place so I got a friend to collect it and put it in his gun safe.
    But, condoms and underwear? Yes, seen it all but that’s more something to laugh about with my wife when we know the people involved!

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    There is no legal rquirement on a tester to report anything

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    Calm down mate. It’s only an article! Jesus tell me who the weirdest them for writing an article or you for getting so uptight about it!

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    Hi Andrew, thanks for your comment and I can appreciate where you’re coming from. The coverage was based on press release material from Prestige Motor Warehouse and as no personal details were revealed, we thought it was a light-hearted piece worth covering – it certainly sparked some interesting comments on the GW Facebook page.

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    jeffrey morris

    more concerned with voca selling off car owners details to private clamping company’s for £ 14 million doesn’t this breach data protection laws

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    Peter Atkinson

    Unusual discoveries – I had a pair of live racing pigeons in a wicker basket in the boot of a car left with me! The owner had forgotten that he’d put them in there and planned to release them away from his home that day!

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