Then and now: how engine oil has evolved

Manufacturer specifications have increased dramatically, Platinum International explains

Then and now: how engine oil has evolved
The range of engine oils that apply to the 7th generation Volkswagen Golf compared to the 1st.

Many years ago, today’s lubricants as we know it were simply known as oil, and only a select few grades of oil would be needed to cover the entire automotive vehicle parc.

However, Platinum International say this is no longer the case thanks to the introduction of synthetic manufacturer specific oils, which mean that technicians now have to be very careful and specific about what viscosity of oil you choose to put in the vehicle.

Platinum International said: “The difference between the two oils is that conventional/traditional oil is simply refined crude oil, whereas synthetic oil undergoes an advanced refining and formulation process to produce a higher purity and quality oil.

“This advanced process enables synthetic oil molecules to be more uniform, allowing less friction and more lubrication, whereas conventional oil molecules are inconsistent in size and generate more friction.

“Today, nearly all VMs have their own set of specifications which may differ from both ACEA and API specifications.

“Over the last few years the number of manufacturer specifications has increased dramatically, resulting in a movement towards manufacturer specific oils.

“The change in environmental regulations have led to more complex and variable engine configurations, which in turn leads to more specific requirements for engine oil.

“This has resulted in number of different specifications of oil, even within the same viscosity.”

Costly engine repairs

With a wide variation of lubricant formulations, Platinum International say it can cause confusion and can easily result in the wrong lubricant being used with significant consequences and costly engine repairs.

Lubricant manufacturers such as Lukoil have developed online VRM tools for accurate and detailed application information.

This tool allows you to eliminate errors by looking the up vehicle make and model to return the correct oil.

Ask your factor for a login to the Platinum International portal for your combined battery and oil lookup tool.

Today, Lukoil Lubricants Europe develops and produces lubricants made for the most demanding weather conditions.

To find a local stockist, call Platinum International on 0161 876 3374.

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