‘Tuned To’ aims to show ‘best of digital’ for independents

‘Tuned To’ aims to show ‘best of digital’ for independents

Garage Wire’s new ‘Tuned To’ series will start life this week exploring a new fast growing garage network.

“Since starting last year, we’ve realised not only that there’s an absolute wealth of information out there for independent garages but also that busy business people don’t always have time to search things out,” said James Onions of Garage Wire.

Garage Wire aims to bridge the gap between what’s out there today and those that might benefit from it. This will involve finding and showcasing some of the business concepts, resources or products that promise innovation and genuine usefulness for independent garages.

“We all face information overload these days so it’s really important we add value not volume,” added James. “With ‘Tuned To’ we aim to answer the ‘what’s in it for me?’ question and explore business benefits.

“Please don’t expect too much too soon, we’ll be selective and hope to find occasional ‘hidden gems’ to go with the latest from the big brands too.”

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