Unregistered 1978 Ford Fiesta with just 140 miles on the clock to be sold at auction

Mk1 Fiesta spent 37 years on display in the London Science Museum and is estimated to sell for £6,500 - £8,500

Unregistered 1978 Ford Fiesta with just 140 miles on the clock to be sold at auction

An unregistered Mk 1 Ford Fiesta is to be sold off at auction on February 2 for an estimated £6,500 to £8,500.

The car was originally supplied new to a London dealership and had yet to register it before The Science Museum acquired it in 1980, where it was featured within the Glimpses of Medical History gallery as part of a diorama showing assistive technology for helping an elderly person in and out of a car.

The three-door hatchback remained on display until 2015 when it was closed for refurbishment, threatening the future of the car.

The installation of new freight lifts with narrower doors meant that the Ford faced being cut-up to facilitate its removal from The Science Museum.

Darren Wisdom who was working on site in 2017 intervened and saved the time warp hatch by constructing a special jig which allowed it to be rotated through ninety degrees and brought down to ground level.

Recommissioned by Mr Wisdom with attention paid to its cooling system, brakes and gearbox etc, the Ford passed its first MOT test on 19th April 2018.

Damian Jones, head of sales at H&H Classics, said: “This is a highly original and authentic Ford Fiesta, go find another.

This is truly a one off.

“It is perhaps the lowest mileage Ford Fiesta MKI existing.”

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