Volvo to issue recall over seatbelt concerns

Front seatbelt pretensioners to be replaced with fixed anchorage points

Volvo to issue recall over seatbelt concerns

Volvo is set to recall 170,000 UK cars built between 2006 and 2018 over an issue with its seatbelt pretensioners.

Cars affected by the issue include the XC60, XC70, V70 and S80 models.

It is believed a steel cable in the front seatbelts may fatigue over time, which could cause a major safety breach.

The official fix will see the vital front seatbelt pretensioners replaced with fixed anchorage points.

However, experts have warned that the fix means removing one of the model’s most important safety features.

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Speaking to AutoExpress, the founder of Euro NCAP, Professor Adrian Hobbs said: “The lap-belt pretensioner removes any slack in the lap belt, reduces the risk of belt loading to the abdomen, and ensures the lap-belt loads are taken through the pelvis.

“It helps prevent ‘submarining’ under the lap belt, and reduces forward movement of the pelvis and lower limbs.

“The resolution was ‘to replace any seatbelt fastenings’ with an improved version.”

“Volvo claims that with the fixed anchorage cars meet ‘the approval standard’, and this has been accepted by the DVSA.

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“However, the approval standard isn’t very demanding and most makers, including Volvo, aim to achieve a good performance in the more stringent Euro NCAP assessment.

“Rather than remove a potentially faulty safety component, it would be normal to replace it with an improved version.”

In a statement to AutoExpress, Volvo said affected cars would not be left without a pretensioner in their cars.

It confirmed it was just the “secondary” pretensioner that was being removed as part of the issue.

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