Video: £60k BMW X5 swept away by flood and left wedged under bridge

Electric car powered-down while crossing flood

Video: £60k BMW X5 swept away by flood and left wedged under bridge

The driver of a silver BMW X5, thought to be worth around £60,000, was left red faced after attempting to negotiate a ford.

Hamza Waris was driving home late on Wednesday night in Birmingham when he was forced to abandon his car and flee to safety.

He noticed that the ford seemed deeper than usual – but carried on anyway.

Unfortunately the electricly-powered vehicle cut out mid-ford, leaving him and his three passengers being carried by the raging river downstream.

The occupants managed to clamber out and swam through the 5ft deep flood to save themselves.

The car was seen wedged under the footbridge and surrounded by a torrent of water.

Mr Waris said: “Basically I was driving here last night at around 11.30pm.

“I normally go through this route.

“We came through, now looking back on it from last night the water was higher and it was deceptive.

“When we entered the water – then it was too late to go back because my car’s electric.

“When we came through it looked normal, but as soon as we got to where the crossing was, water went over the car twice.

“The power shut off and everything and the vehicle was carried down stream.”

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