Video: DPF service promises to minimise risk of further DPF issues

GWTV reports on a unique approach to DPF cleaning

Video: DPF service promises to minimise risk of further DPF issues
The service cleans from the air intake, through the engine and on to the DPF.

Reports suggest that the number of vehicles suffering DPF-related issues is still on the rise and while there are a variety of different solutions available for such problems, BG Products say its approach is “unique”.

Curious to find out more, GWTV joined BG Products at Springbok Garage in Chesterfeild, where a Vauxhall Insignia was to be treated with the BG DPF and emissions system service.

Paul Dobbyn, director of BG Products explained that while other options tend to tackle the symptom of a blocked DPF, BG Products attacks the cause of soot build-up by additionally restoring poor combustion.

Paul said: “The less efficient the combustion, the more soot is produced and deposited down into the DPF.

“If you’re going to clean the DPF, you need to restore the engine as well.

“What we’re doing is restoring the three vital components of a diesel engine.

“If we restore atomisation of the injectors, if we restore compression and if we restore good air flow, then we’ll have good combustion, minimising soot production and therefore prolonging further DPF blockages.”

This extracted article first featured in Garage Wire Views, click here to continue reading and find out how the Insignia responded to the DPF and emissions system service.

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