Video: Wallaby filmed on roadside in Essex

The moment an escaped wallaby hopped along the road in front of stunned drivers

Video: Wallaby filmed on roadside in Essex
Image: Bigstock.

A motorist was shocked to find a wallaby on the roadside while on his way home in Essex last week.

Steven Clack said: “I knew I had to get some footage so my mates believed me.

“I’ve only ever seen one in a zoo before.

“I’ve lived round here ages and never heard of one being loose.”

The wallaby native to Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea, was filmed on the edge of Panfield in Essex on Friday.

It has been suggested that the animal may have escaped from a travelling carnival which visited Braintree in June.

Other suspect it escaped from a farm.

The RSPCA has urged the public not to try and catch the creature and said releasing a wallaby into the wild would be an offence.

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