CCTV motorway lorry tyre failure video

The consequences of tyre failures have been revealed in a series of new CCTV clips unveiled by the Highways Agency and TyreSafe as part of safety month.

In the most dramatic clip below motorway cameras capture the moment a tyre fails on the front of an HGV, sending it uncontrollably into the central reservation causing chaos and extensive damage.

Tyre related problems are a major cause for concern on the UK’s roads. More than 15,000 breakdowns per year on English motorways are tyre related.

TyreSafe is advising that many problems can be easily avoided by regular tyre checks. As well as checking that tyres are inflated to the correct pressure at least once a month, tread depths should also be checked to ensure they meet the legal minimum standards and tyres should be inspected for any cuts, lumps or bulges in the sidewall.

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