M25 whiplash scam caught on film

The in-car video footage below captured a Ford Galaxy swerving into the path of a lorry to create a collision in an apparent whiplash scam.

The driver of the car then sought to blame the lorry driver despite the sudden swerve across lanes on the M25. Four whiplash claims were filed leaving the haulier with a potential claim of up to £75,000.

Fortunately, the whole episode was clearly captured on a dash mounted accident camera. Smart Witness, supplier of the accident camera fitted say an astonishing 550,000 whiplash claims are filed every year. Insurers suggest up to 60% may be false or exaggerated – making the scam ‘industry’ worth up to £1 billion per year.

AA report a 60% increase in claims since 2006, in spite of a fall of 20% in accident volumes during the same period. The result is increased premiums for all – to the tune of £90 each per year. Sales of the camera fitted here have increased 40% in the last year alone as drivers seek protection. It records the drivers view of the road along with location, speed, and forces of braking and impact.

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