Video: Motorists save ‘millions’ with DPF cleaner, says GSF Car Parts

Cleaner shown to remove all visible dirt, soot and ash, returning DPFs to 95 per cent of their as-new capacity

Video: Motorists save ‘millions’ with DPF cleaner, says GSF Car Parts
The liquid gently breaks down and cleans the residues which can then just be rinsed away.

Vetech DPF professional cleaner was launched in 2015 and has saved UK motorists millions of pounds in replacement parts, according to GSF Car Parts.

With sales of the DPF cleaner running into thousands of units and replacement parts costing over £1,000 in some cases, the potential amount saved on replacement parts now runs into seven figures.

DPFs are the leading technology for the reduction of harmful particulate emissions from diesel cars.

What’s well known in the aftermarket – but not by UK motorists – is that DPFs are prone to getting blocked.

The problem is especially prevalent where diesel cars are used mainly on short journeys.

Higher particulate emissions from cold engines will accumulate faster whilst DPF ‘regeneration’ relies on longer journeys to be effective.

The number of motorists opting for ‘DPF removal’ is dropping; the practice is not only bad for the environment but is also now illegal.

In 2016, the Royal College of Physicians suggested inhaling particulates and nitrogen dioxide from diesel engines causes around 40,000 deaths each year.

The choice of legitimate solutions to DPF problems include part replacement, machine-based and pour in treatments and off-site cleaning services but GSF Car Parts say the Vetech DPF professional cleaner offers unique benefits.

“We’ve sold thousands of treatments to date, it has been well received by our customers and we have seen no returns or complaints,” said John Wright, head of garage equipment and customer development at GSF Car Parts.

“The fact is it works, it’s simple and it’s extremely cost effective.”

Developed and patented by GSF, the Vetech DPF professional cleaner is exclusively available through The Parts Alliance.

The non-flammable solution is supplied in five Litre containers and is suitable for all aluminium, magnesium, zinc or cadmium parts meaning it can be used on the all the latest DPFs.

For more information, please contact your local branch of GSF Car Parts – find your nearest by clicking ‘more details’ below.

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