Video: Mechanics lucky escape from runaway wheel

Video: Mechanics lucky escape from runaway wheel

The Mirror reported the lucky escape of Thomas Doherty who was working on a Skodia Fabia at All Electric Garage in Kings Heath, Birmingham.

CCTV captured the moment a wheel came bouncing down the road, missing him by a foot, before smashing into the side of the car he was working on, destroying the bonnet, wing mirror and headlamp.

The incident happened when a Land Rover 100 yards up the road hit a curb and lost its wheel.

Garage manager Mark Daniels, 45 said: “He was about 100 yards away from the garage and then the near side front wheel came off and the car just dropped to the road.

“The wheel hit a kerb, which caused it to bounce up to chest height. It came off one car’s bonnet and then wedged itself into our Skoda. It could have killed an individual at the speed it was going at.”

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