Volvo test show benefit of winter tyres – VIDEO

Volvo test show benefit of winter tyres – VIDEO

Volvo have tested the effectiveness of winter tyres on snow and ice by inviting Louise Thompson from reality TV show Made in Chelsea to the Tamworth Snowdome to attempt to reach the summit of the slope in cars fitted with standard, and winter tyres.

During the test Louise reached just 5 metres on conventional tyres before ascending well over 100 metres to the top on the car fitted with winter tyres.

Louise said: “I’m amazed that it makes such a difference. One of the cars has amazing grip and can get all the way to the top, while the other can barely move, so if you’re going to be driving in the snow, I definitely think it’s important to have winter tyres.”

The results highlight the safety benefits of selling winter tyres. The case study is valuable as many motorists are still not aware of the benefits. You can view the video here :

Nick Connor, Volvo Car UK managing director said: “We wanted to demonstrate, in the most severe conditions possible, the effectiveness of having winter tyres or snow socks fitted to your car. There’s definitely a degree of scepticism out there about how useful they can be, but this test dispels the myths once and for all.”

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