Watch: Carbon Clean demonstrates workshop DPF cleaning machine

Specialist machines allow workshops to perform cleaning process in as little as 20 minutes

Watch: Carbon Clean demonstrates workshop DPF cleaning machine
Carbon Clean's DCS-16 machine allows workshops to offer customers same-day in-house DPF cleaning.

Carbon Clean has released a video to demonstrate its popular ‘DCS-16’ DPF cleaning system and shared a step-by-step guide for technicians.

A Carbon clean spokesperson said: “Usually around every 300 miles or so the DPF will regenerate by super-heating the filter to burn off the contaminated particles that collect there as soot and ash.

“Most of the soot is then expelled through the exhaust as finer particles of harmless ash.

“However, it has been found that the regeneration process leaves residual ash behind in the filter.

“Each time a regeneration occurs more particles will build up in the filter.”

Carbon says its DPF ProClean treatment, when used alongside its DCS machines, offers a fast and cost effective way to completely clean and protect DPFs.

Its range of machines offer fast, simple and effective cleaning of the DPF filter from within the workshop.

Step-by-step DPF cleaning process

  1. Remove the blocked DPF from the vehicle. This is normally a straight forward job for most mechanics. Our machines can restore passenger vehicle DPFs to even HGV commercial DPFs.
  2. Soak the DPF in our specially formulated ProClean solution for 20 minutes. This loosens up the hard, unburnt soot and ash, and prepares the DPF for a thorough clean.
  3. The DPF is then connected securely to our high quality machines which come with all types of accessories to fit any DPF.
  4. High pressure air and water is then pumped through to clean deep inside all the parts of the DPF in just 20-30 minutes. Some of our machines incorporate features to show before/ after pressure readings, and even have a dryer for quicker turnaround times.
  5. The DPF is now restored and can be installed back to the vehicle. We also suggest using our ProClean Power & Protect solution which coats the DPF, to slow down the carbon build-up again.

Carbon Clean claim its machines help contribute to better fuel economy, restored engine performance and reduced engine noise.

For further information about Carbon Clean, select ‘more details’ below.

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