Watch: Hereford garage gets major profit boost with TechMan

Gerry Doverman Ltd adopted garage management system in 2016 to improve workshop efficiency

Watch: Hereford garage gets major profit boost with TechMan
Service reception at Gerry Doverman Ltd.

Hereford-based Mercedes, BMW and Porsche specialist, Gerry Doverman Ltd, has attributed a 43 per cent rise in its profits to garage management specialist, TechMan.

Speaking to camera, managing director Gerry Doverman said that his garage adopted the system back in 2016, after he decided to take steps to improve workshop efficiency.

Maintaining its reputation for customer care has always been of paramount importance to the business, with vehicle owners travelling from as far afield as London, Manchester and Cardiff to the garage thanks to the wide array of services available.

Gerry said: “We’re a growing business: I’ve gone from one technician to seven, and we now can’t manage without a management system.”

As part of the set-up process, TechMan actively encouraged the company to suggest updates to the system in order to help them to tailor it to their exact needs, something which greatly impressed Gerry.

“We asked them to introduce a colour-coding system for jobs by priority… it helps to lift jobs off the page in the diary, so that you can see at-a-glance everything that’s going on.”

Each of the technicians at Gerry Doverman Ltd now has their own tablet, allowing them to clock on to their jobs through TechMan and send notes to reception, whilst also giving management a detailed overview on the status of each booked job.

“TechMan is vital to my business: I couldn’t survive without it,” Gerry continued.

“It helps me to manage the day-to-day running of the business… I can allocate time to a particular job and everybody knows what’s happening: at-a-glance, anyone looking at the diary knows what’s going on.”

For further information about TechMan and to arrange a demonstration, select ‘more details below or call 01604 666720.

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