Volvo goes back on its word asking customer to foot £10K bill on three-year-old car

Owner shocked and claims Volvo UK initially said it would cover cost of new engine

Volvo goes back on its word asking customer to foot £10K bill on three-year-old car
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The owner of a three-year-old Volvo V60 has criticised Volvo UK after being told to pay a repair bill of around £10,000 despite being initially told that the manufacturer would cover the cost.

In a letter to The Guardian, the owner explained that the car broke down on a journey from Scotland to London.

The anonymous customer said: “The Volvo dealer in Edinburgh, to which it was towed, diagnosed a snapped timing chain and advised that the car needed a new engine, at a cost of £9,000 plus labour.

“As the three-year warranty had expired just two months previously and there was a full Volvo dealer service record, the garage informed me that Volvo UK had agreed to meet these costs, though I had to pay for the investigative work costing £500.”

However when the work was completed four weeks later, the owner was told to pay the £10,000 bill to get the car back.

Faulty servicing

According to the letter, Volvo UK had decided that the cause of the problem was faulty servicing and advised that the issue should be taken up with the dealer.

The owner added: “I have only had the car serviced at two north London Volvo main dealers, so am bemused by this stance.”

Replying to the letter, The Guardian’s Mile Brignall wrote: “Your story was so extraordinary we thought there must have been a mistake.

“But it was as you said.

“In fairness to Volvo, it moved fast to put this matter right after we got involved.

“Having investigated thoroughly, the company decided you will not have to pay the repair bill, and you will also be reimbursed the £500 diagnostic test costs.”

Volvo UK said: “We’re making arrangements for the car to be repatriated to the customer as an absolute priority … and apologise for any confusion and inconvenience.”

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    Tim Hubbard

    The motor trade is its own worst enemy.

    #186244 Reply

    Ken Ashton

    Not the quality we expect of Volvo , would be very interesting to know the nature of “faulty servicing” ! I cant imagine the cost of one engine being a bank-breaker to Volvo .

    #186251 Reply

    michael cleary

    Poor quality timing chains are the main problem

    #186253 Reply

    stephen miller

    How many more timing chains are going to break?
    No service would have prevented the chain snapping if it was a faulty chain.
    Just like a dealer to wash there hands of it until a bit of bad publicity crops up!

    #186383 Reply

    Eddie Bamber

    I have recovered a three day old Honda for a broken timing chain. The chain itself was like a piece of string, not what you would expect a ‘chain’ to look like. Kinda takes the shine off the joy of having a new car.

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