Watch: Amazon driver reverses into a customer’s car and drives off

Delivery driver gets the sack after pushing Ford Ka backwards by several feet with his van

Watch: Amazon driver reverses into a customer’s car and drives off
The moment the van reverses into the Ford Ka.

An Amazon driver has been sacked after CCTV footage caught him reversing his van into a customer’s car and then driving off.

Jane Johnston-Guest, who owns the car, posted the video online along with pictures of her damaged car.

She wrote: “Super early Christmas present from Amazon tonight as their driver smashes into my car and then just drives off.”

The footage, which was taken at 9pm on Sunday, starts as the male driver gets out of his van and delivers a package.

After stepping back into his van, more footage filmed by a neighbour shows the van reversing hard into Jane’s car, complete with audible crash.

The driver can be seen turning his head round to see what has happened before driving to the end of the road and reversing all the way back down and out of the street at speed.

Jane said: “I am appalled that somebody would just drive off after clearly causing a lot of damage.

“We haven’t had the car assessed yet but I am anticipating they will write it off.

“It is currently not drivable.”

A spokesman for Amazon said: “This does not reflect the standards we have delivery service partners.

“This individual is no longer delivering Amazon packages, and we are working with the customer directly to resolve this matter.”

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