Watch: Dealership technician brags about “ragging” customer’s Mazda RX-8

Mechanic is caught out by hidden dash-cam and owner claims engine damage following mechanic's "joyride"

Watch: Dealership technician brags about “ragging” customer’s Mazda RX-8
A hidden dash-cam captured the incident on camera.

A Mazda technician has been caught on camera, excessively driving a customer’s Mazda RX-8 and then bragging about it to colleagues.

Owner, Iain Inglis had dropped off his car at a Mazda dealership following an airbag recall but later made the discovery on review of the dashcam footage.

A beep indicating that the engine has exceeded it’s 9,000 revs per minute limit can be heard at several points during the video which Iain has captioned.

The dealership has apologised for the incident which resulted in an internal investigation and subsequent disciplinary action of the technician involved.

Ian said: “Once I had shown the footage to the general manager he apologised and offered a free service.

“In the end we agreed on four wheels refurbished, full fluid change, excluding oil, and a Mazda used car warranty.

“The car also had a compression test to see if the engine had been damaged.

“The compression was below Mazda’s stated limits, but they are refusing to carry out any engine work.”

The dealership said: “During the investigation, we carried out a number of tests on the engine which all failed to highlight any damage to the engine when compared to tests prior to the event.”

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  1. Simply despicable. I hope the disciplinary action includes dismissal and the speeding is referred to the police.
    That may sound harsh but don’t forget we are entrusted with customers cars and if you drive like an idiot I daresay you work to the same standards.

  2. I completely agree with Peter. We wouln’t expect any of our technicians to behave this way and would consider it gross misconduct.

  3. In my experience this is all too common in my industry. I have never “ragged” a customers car and never would. Unfortunately I have worked with many that have…

  4. Bags of rubbish anyway cant have driven it that hard ?

  5. Don’t agree with treating people’s property in this fashion at all.
    Also don’t agree with spying in another person’s property. Surely it could risk a breach of the business security and highlights all of the contents/valuables and where they are located for a potential thief. Is data protected and do other members of staff agree to being filmed.


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