Watch: speeding Bentley crashes into pensioner’s car at 85mph

Dashcam footage captures Bentley Continental GT travelling crashing into unsuspecting victim

Watch: speeding Bentley crashes into pensioner’s car at 85mph
The Bentley can be seen clipping a corner before careening around the corner.

Dash cam footage captured the horrifying moment a Bentley Continental GT smashed into a pensioner’s four-by-four, spinning the vehicle 360 degrees into a garden wall.

The Daily Mail reports that Richard Plumb, driver of the Bentley, had been travelling at 85mph on a 20mph road  before the collision; he was traced by blood left on the airbag of his car after he fled the scene by foot.

Amazingly, 74-year-old Tim Edwards survived the horrific crash which saw his Ford Kuga four-by-four shunted backwards before turning 360 degrees and bursting through the garden wall of a nearby listed building.

Tim commented: “I remember thinking ‘he’s driving fast’ and a couple of seconds later he crashed into me.

“There was no time to be frightened or anything like that, it was over in a flash.

“I emerged from my vehicle without so much as a scratch so I was incredibly fortunate.”

“I was in a pretty sturdy car which took the impact well otherwise it could’ve been a lot worse.”

Plumb pleaded gulty to dangerous driving and failing to stop after a road accident and has now been jailed for 14 months as well as being banned from driving for four year and seven months.

Tim continued: “He climbed out of the driver’s side window, called a friend who arrived a few minutes later in another car and they drove off.

“I didn’t say anything to him and he didn’t say anything to me.”

Plumb, from Hazelmere in Buckinghamshire, was sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court last month.

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