Watch: TUNAP valve cleaning machine praised after successful use on fuel-injected Audi S3

Tunap says its solution is efficient and avoids complex dissasembly for technicians

Watch: TUNAP valve cleaning machine praised after successful use on fuel-injected Audi S3
Tunap's valve cleaning system has been praised by a garage for dramatically reducing inlet valve cleaning time.

TUNAP’s valve cleaning machine has been praised by a master technician for its ‘amazing cleaning capabilities’ and lack of need for complex disassembly.

AA Silencers released a video online using the TUNAP machine and explained how garages can use it to remove carbon build-up from intake valves.

The AA Silencers master technician said: “The engine was from a 2016 Audi S3, and because these engines are direct fuel injection unfortunately, they suffer with carbon build-up on the rear of the intake valves.

“In the video, you can see the back of the valves and the carbon build-up that has accumulated.

AA Silencers Ltd praised the final results after using the TUNAP valve cleaning machine

“We use the TUNAP Valve Cleaning Machine to clean the valves and bring them back to bright metal, exactly as you want them to be.

“The vehicle wasn’t showing any issues with the valves but had come in due to a different problem.

“After noticing the build-up on the inlet valves, we thought we would do it as well to stop any future issues arising on the vehicle.

“As you can see at the end of the video, after the clean, the valves and valve stems are nice and shiny, exactly as they should be, preventing any further problems.”

More cases of carbon build-up in direct injection engines

TUNAP has reported a rise in the number of cases of carbon build up on direct injection engine inlet valves.

A TUNAP spokesperson said: “Direct injection is exactly that; the fuel is injected directly into the combustion chamber under high pressure, which gives the manufacturer the ability to measure exactly how much fuel is being injected when combustion occurs.

“The results are improved power, lower emissions and greater fuel efficiency and that is why it is favoured by more and more vehicle manufacturers.

“The downside of this system is that the valves remain dry and allow carbon deposits to stick and build up.”

TUNAP say its valve cleaning system is “quickly solving the problem without complex disassembly.”

The Microflex 933 valve cleaning granulate removes all deposits and contamination on the valves using compressed air.

System can be used on plastic and aluminium parts

The spokesperson added: “The cleaning system is safe and can be used on plastic and aluminium parts.

“Used granulate is simultaneously vacuumed out together with the dirt and carbon.

“Microflex 936 neutralising solution dissolves residual granulate particles and prevents any getting into the combustion chamber.”

TUNAP is a chemistry and technology solutions company supporting the automotive aftermarket European-wide.

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