What should we expect from MOT modernisation?

What should we expect from MOT modernisation?

A new internet-based MOT testing system is to replace existing MOT computers and Vehicle Testing Station (VTS) devices this year, with the first garages switching over to the new system as early as next month.

The switchover, which will take place between April and September, will require Test Stations to have IT equipment that meets the minimum requirements set out in the government’s MOT Modernisation guidance.

Garages will be contacted by the DVSA with a date of transition and the system is likely to go live overnight.

The new MOT test system will enable examiners to enter test results using a desktop in the office or, rather more conveniently, in the test bay using a laptop or tablet.

It’s been reported to be an easy to use system that will bring the MOT test into the digital age with greater flexibility and functionality, making information readily available for the Authorised Examiner (AE).

Chris Price, DVSA Testing Product Owner, said: “There shouldn’t be any need to look at a manual or a user guide. The system leads you by the hand, right from the start to the finish.”

Perhaps the biggest change is the responsibility for garages to have the right equipment for the job; they will also be responsible for repairing and maintaining it.

Neil Barlow, Head of MOT Scheme at the DVSA, said: “In the short term, the key change is around the ICT for the garages.

“We’re moving away from the existing arrangements with ATOS, where everything is provided in terms of IT, to a web-based service where garages will use their own IT.”

For some test stations, the change may mean they will have to invest in reliable broadband, upgraded computers, laptops or mobile devices, although many should be able to continue using their existing computer systems.

Phil Seymour, Network Manager at Approved Garages, said: “Be aware but don’t rush into purchases.

“It may be that you already have the right IT equipment the new system needs. Computers bought after 2009 will almost certainly already meet the required specifications.”

The advice from the experts is to ensure that you have a back-up broadband plan in the event of connection failure.

That might be as simple as a mobile phone hotspot or, for garages that carry out a large number of MOTs, it might include an IT technical support contract.

A recent study carried out by the DVSA to test the readiness of Testing Stations for the switchover found that 96% of the 7,500 respondents were ready for MOT modernisation.

The same study also revealed that 50% are expecting to use desktop PCs, with 25% opting for laptops while 13% will use tablets.

Further details about device usage will become clear once the system rollout commences next month.

Let us know how you feel about MOT modernisation and what devices you plan on using – is the DVSA study a distorted projection?

Leave a comment below or tweet your thoughts to @GarageWireUK. You can view the results of the government survey on readiness too, using the ‘More Details’ button below.


  1. I’ve not heard anything from Dvsa for weeks. I’m having broadband installed this Thursday desktop computer and printer should be here any day now all seems a bit low key would like more info about changeover but looks like we’ll be left to own devices

  2. had vosa in last week to look over how i was set up with computer/broadband the only question he asked was what my back up was if the phone line went down very little info on a time scale

  3. For the last two weeks I have been assisting an MOT garage in coping with the new system. Quite frankly, it has been an appalling experience. What is the new system like? To say it is half baked is being generous. A big note of “BETA” on the website pages seems to be the only thing that is to be relied upon. Trying it with an IPad quickly determined that there is no way of printing MOT certificates if you decide to use the Safari browser to access the system. So you try using Google Chrome which does allow you to print but the certificate is shrunk to fit in the middle of the A4 page. If you switch to an old PC, running Windows XP you find that you also cannot print.

    On reporting this to VOSA it was not very helpful to be advised to find a local MOT centre that was not using the new system to help us out.

    So far this system is a nightmare. If only it had been tested in the professional way that VOSA requires all of its testers to operate.

  4. This new system is a joke I’ve had a car logged on for 24 hours now and just keeps putting different error codes up and saying something went wrong. Try ringing and no one answers.

  5. The help desk are no help today, haven’t got the guts to answer our calls. Phoned the dept for transport yesterday, hoping to speak to the minister responsible. Not allowed, sec of state also not available. What now????

  6. They aren’t answering the phones because there is nothing they can do.
    The issues are with the infrastructure running the new system by the look of it.
    As usual, the job of developing and installing the new system will have been allocated to some incompetent associate of someone at VOSA/GOV by way of a BACS transfer into someone’s personal account.

    Incompetent monkeys try to install yet another failure of an I.T. system… where have we seen that before, oh yes, in just about all GOV organisations. It’s time there was some independent investigations into who and how these contracts are awarded, because there is something very fishy about it every time.

  7. We have just started on the new system and to be honest its shocking, the old system was much faster and better in my opinion, we are having to turn customers away because we cant cope with how slow and difficult to access the new system is which is losing us business and costing us money

  8. If we had as many faults with our equipment they would stop us testing. Now we are allowed to break the rules with ref to another allowed to complete a test . What next just printing tickets. This system should never have gone live till it was fully tested.


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