Wheeler Dealers to return to UK with new mechanic

Ant Anstead to be replaced by former F1 mechanic, Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley for new series

Wheeler Dealers to return to UK with new mechanic

Discovery Channel’s Wheeler Dealers is to return to the UK for the first time in six years and mechanic Ant Anstead is to be replaced.

Series 17 of the hit TV series will air in Autumn 2021 and will see former F1 mechanic, Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley taking on the role of new co-host.

Simon Downing, SVP, head of factual and sport, Discovery UK said: “Bringing Wheeler Dealers back to the UK is an exciting moment for us.

“We’d like to thank Ant for doing a truly amazing job, he will always remain a member of the Wheeler Dealers family and will be making some special appearances in future episodes.

“A warm welcome to Marc ‘Elvis’ Priestley who has already proved a hit among fans in the spin-off Dream Car.”

Announcing the news to his Instagram followers, Ant posted: “My time on Wheeler Dealers has come to an end as the show heads back to the UK

“I proudly hand the spanner’s over to the legend that is @f1elvis and I remain home in California to embark on THREE new TV shows (watch this space for the top secret news coming soon).

“Thank you all those car fans (and non car fans) for the years of support and banter.”

For the last six years, Wheeler Dealers has been filmed in the US.

Discovery says Ant will be ‘popping into the Wheeler Dealers workshop’ for guest appearances.

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    Discovery Channel’s Wheeler Dealers is to return to the UK for the first time in six years and mechanic Ant Anstead is to be replaced. Series 17 of th
    [See the full post at: Wheeler Dealers to return to UK with new mechanic]

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    Thats good for a start that ant is an utter fud, only once replied
    To my Tweets, telling me I have a negative attitude & blocking me from his evanta motor co Twitter feed.

    Pleased to say the fud went bust if you look at EVANTA MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED
    Company number 06572406 on companies house, filing history some low life solicitation person charged £200+ an hour to wind the company up!

    Then he split from his first wife, louise, she has since changed her twitter
    To private! His replacement wife has a more miles on her than a london taxi, he split up from her.

    Funny how car comes in, he has never seen one, but knows how it works and what to fix. Then the end credits go faster than a scolded cat say
    “Fabricator” and “mechanic” and “parts person”. “Adviser”

    Like it’s all fake, Hope they get rid of the “coming up next”
    Waste of time, your watching it!

    As for Elvis geezer, cant see him on DK user name list. An F1 mechanic, so
    He just bolts wheels on/off faster than the karaoke kid can wax on, wax off!

    At least you learn stuff on there unlike other junk on tv

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    Bring back Ed China the best of them all then I will watch again until then its a no

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    Shame he was a great mechanic. Better than Levi’s from what I’ve seen on dream car, hope his new shows take off

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    Nothing bad to say about Ant Antstead, he did a good job taking over from Ed China who was always and probably always will be the fans favourite (he was definitely mine – but Ed was there first too and that counts for a lot). But let’s face it Ant was always on an uphill path with that gig. Good luck to him in the future and also to Elvis, his replacement, who did a good enough presenting job on Dream Cars. Look forward to seeing which cars they have in mind for the return to the UK.

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    Michael Ballantyne

    WOW, I love the show and “Ant” was great at explaining the work he was doing on the vehicles! They just started using American terms like driveshaft instead of prop-shaft! I guess it’s easier and cheaper to produce two shows in the same country! I will miss the California aspect of the show! I wish you the best of luck and look forward to the shows when “Ant” visits!

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    Antstead is still a first class fud no matter which light you look at him

    Although unliky we would cross paths but if Anstead needed my help when
    Offline would not bother, he said “i’m negative” what a fud. Bet I’ve single
    Handly caused more damage to cars than him and fixed more and know more!

    He is the kind of fud that wears #shitflickers instead of shoes.

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    MR Ian Robinson

    Bring back Ed China to me he was the show, explained thing well to the viewer and seem to be a normal genuine guy. To improve the show get rid of the fat wide boy.

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    Ed China was the best of all.

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    Seems you are some kind of pathetic troll. not only bitching continuously about Ant but also Elvia the new guy. If you don’t like the show fair enough but no need to denigrate the hosts unless that is of course you are an expert. You claim to be a better mechanic than them all and take great pleasure trying to out Ants business acumen but when I check your business credentials….Nothing, Zilch, Nada. Typical troll tormenting bile while in the back room of Your parents house. ???

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    Thanks for your reply,

    1) Have you ever Tweeted Anstead – assuming it’s not you?!!?

    2) Elvis geezer “Ex F1 Mechanic” – just a parts fitter, car comes
    In, unbolt, bolt, send out

    3) Expert, depends on what exactly your reference is to.
    If your meaning damaging to cars, yes EXPERT.

    100% TRUTH NO BS:-

    Had a bmw m3 in super condition, 2 owner E30 etc valued at
    £100k (£80K) dunno A LOT PRISTINE SHOWROOM condition.

    With his oil & filter change he got a free scratch on his
    Passenger mirror with my belt buckle. Never said anything
    So yes EXPERT.

    4) no I don’t think have claimed to lower myself to “mechanic”

    5) Ant’s businesses, the “company” bit was his ex father-in-law’s
    Yes, the amount the solicitation company charged, could have paid
    Some of his debts off

    6) you must not have pressed return on your computer to search
    This website locks out if added links, but DK status
    Of VIP member

    Current stats

    Join Date
    Oct 2009
    Meatheadshire (Between London and Scotland)
    Thanked 5,808 Times in 4,595 Posts

    7) Troll no disputes that

    8) no, live in own house, morgage free if you must know
    (Seriously). Currently in bed.

    Feel free to reply to other threads on here

    All the best


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    john brett

    If your so good than why don’t you present it.

    #216025 Reply
    Harry Heron

    Wow…the loser called meat_head doesn’t like Ant does he. Fails to get a reply to his loser’s tweet and turns into a major troll. Leave Ant alone thickasmince_head.

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    The music accompanying the show is so loud and overwhelming.

    #216699 Reply

    Agree about music ,They do it on American shows, So annoying and distracting from what you trying to watch .

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    The loud background music ruins the show.

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    Peter sellen

    The new show is destroyed by too much loud and unnecessary music that at times drowns out the mechanics pieces to camera .
    Doesn’t anyone check the audio levels before the show goes to air?
    Very disappointing production values.
    I have watched every series since the show began.
    (An Australian viewer)

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