Woman finds insulting message left by mechanic on air filter

Viral social media post could lift lid on hidden world

Woman finds insulting message left by mechanic on air filter
Image: Bigstock.

A woman recently discovered an unexpected message left on her car’s air filter, leading to a wave of speculation that it was a prank by a mechanic. The incident, which quickly went viral on social media, has shed light on the possibilities of a world of hidden humour within the automotive industry.

A Redditor found this rude message on their air filter (Image: REDDIT)

The message, added to the filter during her car’s service last year, sparked a flurry of responses on social media. Industry insiders admitted that such pranks are common, often hidden from the public eye. One person, a low volt electrician, confirmed that similar messages can be found in various semi-hidden places, such as inside A/C units, ductwork above false ceilings, and on the sides of inspection boxes.

The revelation prompted others to share their experiences. One person admitted to drawing humorous pictures, while another confessed to leaving messages featuring middle fingers or crude drawings. This led to speculation among car owners about potential secret messages hidden in their own vehicles.

However, a Redditor reassured that these messages are not intended for customers, but rather for the next mechanic to find. They explained that the mechanic likely never saw who the customer was and that any passive-aggressive messages would likely be directed towards service advisors, not the customer.

Source: Daily Star


  1. It begs the question, was he fat?

  2. It’s true…. It’s for the next mechanic to find. 😂 😂

  3. Discussing! What right has he/she to comment on a customer. We do not have to work for a particular person or business but if we choose to it has to he in a professional manner. I cannot adequately express my contempt for this behaviour, it reflects adversely on all of the industry not just the person who did it.

  4. I doubt the customer ‘found’ this message, the mechanic who found it probably grassed up the previous tech. I’ve seen lots of similar messages, as well as the usual dates on service items like filters and in one case, a message on the underside of a car indicating it was a VOSA m.o.t test car.


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