Woman runs 5k for BEN months after being told she may not walk

Kate Weaver suffered a stroke, gave birth three days later and has now raised over £800 for charity

Woman runs 5k for BEN months after being told she may not walk
Kate Weaver ran a 5k park run in under 40 minutes at Quarry Park in Shrewsbury.

Last December at the BEN Ball hosted at Grosvenor House, Kate captivated an audience of 1,000 as she told how during pregnancy she suffered a stroke and then courageously gave birth three days later while paralysed on her left side.

With BEN’s help and support, specialist equipment was purchased which enabled her to walk again and return to sharing quality time with her family.

After her stroke, Kate had two goals; one was to wear a pair of high heels and the second was to start running again and last Saturday Kate achieved the latter.

Commenting on her run, Kate said: “Thank you everyone who has donated and supported me so that I could reach this day and raise money for the two charities that have literally got me back on my feet.

The money has been raised for BEN, the automotive charity and Dr Gardner’s Charity for nurses.

Bekki Chandler, BEN’s Events Executive said: “It has been a great honour to be involved with the event and be at the finish line to see Kate accomplish her final goal.  Well done Kate from all of us at BEN.”

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