Woman stuck with £1,000 repair bill after Cazoo go bust

Warranty rendered void by administrators

Woman stuck with £1,000 repair bill after Cazoo go bust
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Ellie Rylands’ dream of a reliable car turned into a nightmare after Cazoo, the online used car retailer she bought from, went bust.

Rylands purchased a £10,000 Peugeot in February, but by May, an engine fault emerged.

Despite upgrading her warranty from Cazoo’s standard offering, Rylands received a rude awakening. Cazoo’s administration rendered her warranty useless, leaving her with no financial support for the repairs.

Forced to rely on her partner’s car, Ellie shouldered the hefty £1,000 repair bill. Her extended warranty, offered by The Warranty Group (now part of Assurant), also proved unhelpful as the fault predated its coverage window.

Rylands’ story serves as a cautionary tale for car buyers. While Cazoo’s online reviews might have been enticing, their administration highlights the importance of scrutinising warranty details and potential risks, especially when dealing with online retailers.

Source: BBC News

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