“Absolute madness” as driver stuffs car with branches

Police make driver unload car and continue his trip to the tip in several loads

“Absolute madness” as driver stuffs car with branches
Image: Tariq Butt.

Police have described a man caught driving a car completely stuffed with branches as “absolute madness”.

The driver was stopped in Stockport and was reported for a number of driving offences, the BBC has reported.

PC Andy Monaghan said the man’s visibility and access to the gear stick was blocked.

PC Andy Monaghan added: “He thought he’d be fine, but the weather was heavy and he had limited control.”

“I wasn’t shocked because I’ve previously worked in traffic [but] it was absolute madness.”

The motorist had been carrying out work for an elderly couple and was taking the garden waste to a tip.

The man was made to empty the car before continuing on his way, which meant he had had to make several trips to the tip.

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