Almost all part worn retailers found to be selling illegal and unsafe tyres

Investigations carried out across England and Scotland found all but one part worn trader to be selling illegal tyres

Almost all part worn retailers found to be selling illegal and unsafe tyres
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A shocking 99 per cent of part worn tyre retailers to be selling illegal and dangerous tyres, investigations by TyreSafe have revealed.

In total, 18 investigations were carried out across England and Scotland involving 68 part worn traders, all bar one of whom were supplying tyres which contravened the legislation governing their sale.

The research also found that of the 129 tyres inspected, 75 per cent were unsafe.

Stuart Jackson, chairman of TyreSafe, said: “Despite years of appalling results from these investigations into the retail of part worn tyres, these findings still come as a shock.

“How can it be acceptable that three-quarters of the part worn tyres offered for sale were unsafe?

“Putting lives at risk”

“Tyres are the only part of car in contact with the road and essential to road safety – selling dangerous examples to unsuspecting motorists is putting lives at risk.

“The number of dangerous part worn tyres being sold is no doubt related to the widespread incompetence of the retailers.

“With just one of the 68 retailers found to be compliant with the law, surely the part worn trade must vastly improve its standards before the British motorist can have any confidence in them.

“Until that happens, TyreSafe continues to urge drivers to buy new tyres to avoid paying a potentially heavy price for choosing to fit unsafe part worns.”

The findings support TyreSafe’s advice for motorists to think again before buying part worns as there is no guarantee the tyres being sold to them are safe. Investigations also highlight a high level of incompetence among traders.

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    Andrew MacCreadie

    well, my feelings have always been that it should be illegal.
    We will not fit part worn or customer supplied tyres as there is no control over it.

    Budget tyres are cheap enough nowadays and the sale/fitting of part-worns is un necessary.

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    Derek May

    Although I have worked on a lot of cars where the owner has had part worn tyres fitted since the legislation came into effect I have never seen any “Part Worn” markings.

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    John Pick

    Part worn tyres are always a dodgy area and it is best not to fit them. However when reporting such areas, at least get your statistics correct. 1 in 68 is not good but it does not equal 99%.Your 75% figure should be the lead and then people can understand the risk they take. 3 out 4 will be faulty.

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    In what way are the tyres unsafe? What are the minimum requirements for selling or fitting part worn tyres? There are many people selling them on eBay how can it be controlled that they only sell legal tyres?…
    To be fair, as a customer buying used tyres you would want too see them and only buy premium brands with at least 5-6mm tread remaining.

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    Barry Chandler

    All part worn tyres should be scrapped and their sale made illegal. The evidence has been out there for years – it’s nothing new to us in the trade.

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    So if you buy a used car do you immediately fit new tyres because they are part worn? I don’t think many people would, also when you fit part worn tyres you can inspect them for damage so I don’t really see the issue. New tyres could also be defective just as easily.

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