Boris Johnson urged to launch £1 billion diesel scrappage scheme

AA calls on PM to help amid series of new 'eco-taxes' which are hitting diesel drivers hard

Boris Johnson urged to launch £1 billion diesel scrappage scheme

The UK’s prime minister is being urged to launch a £1 billion diesel scrappage scheme using council bus lane fines.

The AA is demanding that ministers announce the scheme to help motorists facing a series of so-called ‘eco-charges and taxes’ as the country.

The breakdown company suggested that councils use the £500 million they’re expected to rake in from bus lane fines over the next decade and is calling on the government to match the cash with £500million of their own – making a £1 billion total.

AA chief Edmund King said: “This is a radical clean air plan that ticks so many of the boxes – protecting vulnerable car owners, and giving a surge of power to the electrification of city vehicles.

“Half the money, coming from bus lane fines, is ready and waiting in council coffers. Rather than waiting two years for clean air restrictions to come into force, councils can make a start virtually tomorrow.

“It also meets the requirements for use of traffic fines income on transport projects.”

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    Oh dear me thinks the AA are on the EU payroll like many others in the UK at the moment.

    I always thought the AA were on the motorists side, silly me !!

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    graham cox

    I think the people who are coming up with thease ideas need to get in the real world
    diesels are the choice of many because they offer reasonable costs to fuel and run
    electric is not the answer by any means
    hybrids from what we have found in the workshops are ok when new after warranty is out buyer beware
    the consumer is confused as to what to do and now the car sales are suffering
    we need a clear policy from the top and also other industries need to be looked at example we look after a lot of farmers cars etc we are told that all of there equipment is still unregulated and pushing out lots of pollution the lorry firm next to us still fill the yard with fumes on start up the factory on our estate is meting plastic in diesel powered kilns thease are all within 5 minutes of us in a rural location
    there needs to be a major rethink and stop making the cars the main culprit

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    Eddie Bamber

    The AA and the RAC are owned by venture capital companies now, so obviously have their own agendas and links to Europe. They are no longer the independent motorists’ champion.

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    Ken Ashton

    When are politicians going to wake up to reality ? So the idea will cost £Billion -half of which our councils could spend on local social needs ( Elderly ,homeless etc ) .We all know “road tax” doesn’t go directly to repair and construction of roads ( electric etc cars free of road tax ) and Fuel duty income would be Massively reduced . So what will replace this enormous loss of income for the government ? The infrastructure for electric vehicles (including power generation) will cost a fortune there fore the move to electric vehicles can only be a VERY slow process .

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    david evans

    electric vehicles are ridiculous, my mot station is on a main road with no off street parking at all and no charging point anywhere, the only Tesla charge point is five miles away at a motorway service area. also how many times has anyone seen an MP driving an electric or hybrid car usually they are all petrol or diesel Range Rovers or Jaguars, practice what you preach government ministers.

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    I think it is you that needs to get in the real world
    “diesels offer reasonable costs to fuel”
    At current prices, it costs around 2.5p per mile in a car like the Nissan Leaf.The cost per mile of travelling in Volkswagen Golf 1.6 TDI is around 9p per mile – more than three times higher than the Leaf.

    “and run”
    Tax on an EV £0
    Tax on diesel at least £145

    EV.. top up the screen wash £5
    Diesel.. Around £200 average

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