Car dealer brands £800 Punto driver as “incompetent” and refuses refund

Owner says her car has never left her drive because it "won't reverse"

Car dealer brands £800 Punto driver as “incompetent” and refuses refund
Catherine Whip had paid £800 for her Fiat Punto which was found to have a gearbox issue. Stock image.

A driver who claims her Fiat Punto has never been able to reverse has been branded “incompetent” by a garage boss who is refusing to refund her the £800 for the car, Daily Record reports.

Catherine Whip had the car delivered from Bargain Motors in Carrick Knowe to her home, where it was parked on the drive.

However, on Catherine’s first attempt to drive the car she was unable to reverse it off the drive.

When she complained to the garage about a faulty gearbox, the garage boss labelled her an “incompetent” driver.

Catherine said: “The car has never turned a wheel.

“It’s an absolute disaster.

“The garage kept saying to bring it in but how can I bring a car in that won’t reverse?”

Ten days after the sale, an email from the company was sent to Catherine saying: “I do not have to refund anything due to the fact you are incompetent.

“The car drives and works fine.

“I have driven the car personally, all gears work and the car drives as it should.

“Have the car returned to me any way you want and we can take this further.

“If I have to collect the vehicle there would be a cost incurred for doing this.”

Independent report finds problem

A few days later, Catherine paid for an independent assessor to inspect the car at home.

A copy of the report, which states the car has a gearbox problem and does not reverse, was sent to the garage.

After a weekend away in January, Catherine came home to find her car had been vandalised.

She reported the incident to police but the car is still sitting on her driveway.

Catherine added: “I’ve spoken to Citizens Advice about court action but that’s going to cost even more money.

“This hassle has been going on for months.

“I want a full refund and I’m entitled to it.”

A staff member at the garage told the Daily Record that the company did not want to comment on Catherine’s claims about the car.

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    The car is “not fit for purpose” and the customer is entitled to a full refund under the law. A good solicitor will be able to claim a refund with all costs. The judge will have to take into consideration damage by vandalism. However, it would have been the responsibility of the garage to pick up the car as soon as they were told that it was not working. Thank God there are laws to deal with “dodgy cowboy” car dealers.

    Surely,the car dealer must have been aware of the car not reversing, but pretended otherwise and instead insulted her of being incompetent to drive. What utter nonsense!!!

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