City centre roadworks loses garage owner business

Customers struggle to gain access to garage while six-week temporary traffic lights block access

City centre roadworks loses garage owner business
Andy McIntosh outside his business which is partially blocked by temporary traffic lights.

The owner of McIntosh Motor Services in Stoke has spoken out again after a request to move temporary traffic lights by three car lengths “fell on death ears”.

Andy McIntosh said customers can’t get to his garage because of the lights and has seen his workload drop significantly.

He said: “We have been having a lot of problems with customers trying to get into the business because of the temporary traffic lights and our forecourt has been partially blocked off.

Blocked forecourt

“I’ve been watching as customers have been indicating to turn in but then give up.

“I’ve asked if the lights could be moved three car lengths but have been told it would cause more congestion.

“The lights are due to last for six weeks but I think it will be longer.

“Since they have been in place it has been a lot quieter.

“The regulars are still coming in but we are missing a lot of the passing trade.

“It can take an hour to get out and I am getting to the stage now where I am giving up – especially during rush hour.”


The lights were put up around three weeks ago and are due to be removed in another three weeks.

Dave Smith, managing director of the St Modwen development, said: “It is likely that there will be an element of disruption during the time these works are in progress and we will try to get everything executed as quickly as possible.

“We are hoping we will be able to get the lights removed by the end of the month and will see what we can do for McIntosh Motor Services.”

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