Dad left shocked by what he found inside his Vauxhall dealership courtesy car

Man claims he was given an employee's car to drive for the day while work was being carried out on his

Dad left shocked by what he found inside his Vauxhall dealership courtesy car

Father-of-two, Russel Page was left stunned after finding cannabis and white powder in his Vauxhall Adam courtesy car.

Russel had taken his car to Eden Vauxhall in Camberley, Surrey for a service and was handed the keys to the Adam as a courtesy vehicle.

Upon opening the boot, he discovered drugs, king size Rizlas and an assortment of personal belongings including half a bottle of wine.

Russel said: “I went in with my three-year-old son and my wife, and they’d run out of courtesy cars so they gave me a young female member of staff’s one instead.

“She handed me the keys and said it was a bit dirty inside but that was an understatement – there were lighters everywhere and ash on the dashboard.

“Bag of white powder”

“I went to the shops and when I opened the boot, it had a really strong smell of cannabis and there were two handbags in it, which I opened and found weed, a grinder, and a bag of white powder.”

Graeme Potts, founder and managing director of Eden Motor Group, declined to confirm the employee’s name and whether or not she had been fired.

Graeme said: “The vehicle was not prepared in cleanliness terms as it was not a courtesy car, it was somebody’s own car.

“He then returned to the dealership having detected a smell, and having investigated what it was found a bag in the boot.

“There was a holdall type bag, quite small, and in it was 3.4 grams of what is believed to be cannabis.

“There was no white powder in the car, there is a bag with a tiny bit of residue on the inside of it.

“The pictures we had taken at the same time have a bag with a tiny amount of residue and nobody knows what it is.”

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