Driver with lumpy tyre pulled over on school run

Car stopped while dropping kids off and owner advised to head to nearest garage

Driver with lumpy tyre pulled over on school run

A council officer was shocked to discover that the driver of a Vauxhall Zafira was seemingly oblivious to the bulging front tyre while on the school run in Derby this week.

The Derby City Council worker was patrolling near a school in the city when he pulled the driver over.

He advised the driver to head straight to a nearby garage to have a new tyre fitted.

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It comes just days after a report was published suggesting that millions of motorists could be risking the safety of themselves and other road users because they are failing to get their vehicle repaired.

The most commonly ignored issues in the poll of 2,000 motorists included faulty brakes, suspension, steering, exhausts and damaged windscreens.

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    Andrew MacCredie

    im surprised he never noticed it!

    not withstanding that, how long have council workers had the power to pull drivers over??

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    jim walker

    Prison is the answer, the driver was driving a possible killing machine, when are we going to stop pussy footing around and say it as it is!as a driver you should check your vehicle before use, this tyre had clearly been going bad for some time, just imagine if the tyre had burst and the car swerved across the road into a bunch of school kids walking to school. 3 year driving ban and 12 months prison. driving standards are so low in the uk now, when 30 years ago we were the best in the world, the only way to improve driving safety is very heavy penalties for all drivers who do not obey the rules

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    Tim Hubbard

    Too liberal now the UK.

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    Peter fearnley

    This didn’t just happen on this school run its the public being blasé about car maintenance because there’s no penalty for it unless the tyres bald of tread 3 points & an article in the papers might shake some motorists up a bit

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    Hgv and minibus drivers have to do a walkaround before every journeyits about time that car drivers are made to do the same / I have tried to instilling my customers the need for daily checks including sidelights indicators and tyres including the spare
    it drivees me mad that people do not check a machine that could kill them and somone else in a worst case scenario

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    Andrew Maccreadie

    How long have council employees been empowered to stop vehicles????

    Although this one obviously deserved it!

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