DVLA fails to notice hilarious driving licence error

Scottish teen goes viral after tweeting about her amusing mistake

DVLA fails to notice hilarious driving licence error
The hilarious mistake was not picked up by the DVSA. Image: @evepaterson__ (Twitter).

A Scottish motorist has gone viral after tweeting about a hilarious mistake that led to the address on her driving licence reading “my dad’s house” followed by the rest of the address, which has been censored.

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency failed to spot the mistake made by the 18 year-old from from Greenock, Inverclyde, who went on to tweet about the experience.

She said: “As if I’ve had to update my licence and accidentally wrote ‘my dad’s house’ on it.”

The tweet, accompanied by the original picture, quickly went viral and currently has 5,895 retweets and 33,345 likes.

The Law

As stated by UK law, it is illegal for a driver to be registered at an incorrect address as they may be involved in an accident where current address information is crucial.

Not being registered at the correct address may lead to a penalty of £1,000.

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