eBay urges garages to use “recycled car parts”

Call made despite recent gov report highlighting industry problem with counterfeit and customer-supplied parts

eBay urges garages to use “recycled car parts”
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eBay is calling on independent garages to commit to offer consumers the option of purchasing what it describes as “recycled car parts”.

The online auction site says such a commitment would bring the UK in line with France, where its government passed a Circular Economy Law in February 2019, in which the use of recycled vehicle parts in repairs is mandatory.

Laura Richards, senior automotive business manager at eBay UK, said: “Increasing the use of reused car parts in vehicle repairs in the UK would see huge environmental benefits, as well as helping to drastically reduce pressure on premiums.

“Guarantees for the safety and quality of used parts”

“The launch of our new pilot scheme will help provide extra guarantees for the safety and quality of used parts, building on eBay’s position as the biggest marketplace for buying and selling vehicle parts and accessories.”

Tania Tucker, senior advisor, Environment Agency, said: “We support eBay’s plans to encourage the safe use of recycled car parts.

“The scheme supports both the Environment Agency’s commitment to move towards a circular economy and the 95 per cent recycling target set for end of life vehicles.

“It also enables consumers to make sustainable purchasing decisions.”

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Counterfeit parts problem

The news comes just weeks after a government report highlighted a counterfeit and customer-supplied parts problem within the industry.

The 132-page report said: “Preventing counterfeiting and piracy isn’t just about protecting the innocent from criminals, it’s about maintaining the credibility of legitimate trade.

“Counterfeit car parts can affect both Original Equipment Manufacturer and aftermarket businesses alike.

“Counterfeiters are becoming more skilled in making fake parts and their packaging look identical to genuine ones.

“Whilst parts might look the same, they are unlikely to perform to the same standard and in many cases the counterfeits are produced using dangerous and substandard materials, which have not been properly tested.”

Customer supplied parts

eBay’s calls for garages to fit “recycled” car parts will likely come as a disappointment to independent garages, many of whom are increasingly saying no to customer-supplied parts.

The Independent Garage Association has long urged its members to be wary of customer-supplied parts.

It suggests that such parts may not be the correct fitment for the car and warns that some internet-sourced parts can be of low quality.

There are also potentially complex warranty issues if the part fails – especially where provenance is difficult to establish.

A survey of thousands of independent garages in 2017 revealed that 69 per cent of garages will never fit customer supplied parts.

It also showed that 29 per cent of garages used to fit customer supplied parts but no longer do so, while two per cent routinely fit customer supplied parts.

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    eBay is calling on UK insurers and independent garages to commit to offer consumers the option of purchasing what it describes as “recycled car parts”
    [See the full post at: eBay urges garages to use “recycled car parts”]

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    I would be wary of using used parts, my Trade Insurance for the first time ever asked on renewal last August if I ever used 2nd hand parts, I said yes sometimes & they got very defensive, they said they would get back to me after a review, I eventually had to confirm that I would not use ‘used safety related items’ in future.

    Be warned in case you ever get a comeback !!

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    who is going to guarantee the parts and satisfy motor insurers in the event of a liability claim, as if you agree to fit the parts , you are saying they are fit for purpose

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    Brian Waite

    We don’t fit second hand parts. What if they are found to be faulty once fitted, who pays for the removal and the time to do the job twice.

    This is a crazy roll for any garage to get involved in.

    #187178 Reply
    Paul Michell

    Many motor trade policies I have seen also have a clause about not taking liability for fitting second hand / part worn tyres, which are of course ‘receycled’ car parts.

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    An idealism supported by a government agency but incited by a big business who want even more at the expense of the smaller ones. So many issues – are the parts correct? Are they of suitable quality and who is liable when it all goes wrong. Currently fitting a customer supplied part means that you legally take responsibility for it so when it goes wrong the customer who supplied it can take the garage to court and will almost certainly receive a full refund. Not an area I am interested in!

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    Peter Miles

    Years ago a customer needed a new pair of headlight units for his BMW 3 series. He didn’t like the price I quoted so turned up with a pair of “new” ones he’s bought off Ebay. They looked pretty good, from the front. But there were no holes or fittings in the back to fit the bulbs! There was a matchbox sized note in the box which said “for use on display cars only”!
    Quite honestly second hand parts are often better than some of the new rubbish on Ebay. But I won’t fit either. It’s simply not worth the trouble it can cause when it all goes wrong let alone the very real safety issues.

    #187183 Reply

    Not sure I see a problem with that, if Laura Richards, senior automotive business manager at eBay UK, said is OK then surely if the parts are of unsatisfactory quality and fail in service, surely business to business she can be sued for ALL losses?

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    kevan shackleton

    Sound to me like EBay are only interested in boosting their profits!They won’t be liable if anyone dies from a used safety critical item bought through them. We won’t fit used parts, end of.

    #187297 Reply

    I would not be happy to do this. As the law says the one who touches the car is liable for any issues with the work.
    So the part goes faulty then we are liable for this. And no one would pays us the labor charge. Etc

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    No matter what is said by ebay, the customer or recycling seller. It WILL be the garage ‘s fault, problem and responsibility. It will be argued that as professionals we should be able to see if the item is safe to use , functions correctly and is genuine. We have fitted a LUK clutch from ebay which was supplied by the customer that slipped as soon as any moderate to hard acceleration was required. All of a sudden we were a rubbish garage in eyes . The clutch kit was just slightly more expensive than we could get at trade ! Our usual supplier later informed us that these fake kits are now out there and virtually identical to the real thing and LUK have to look very hard to spot the difference. A bent stub axle was given to a local garage to fit….how hard was the impact that bent that?

    #187985 Reply

    I would be happy to do this with a cupholder but not with a caliper.

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