Halfords receives backlash after “accidental” crucifixion pun

Customers took to Twitter after e-mail sent in "poor taste"

Halfords receives backlash after “accidental” crucifixion pun
Complaints about the marketing email amassed on Twitter. Image: Bigstock.

Halfords customers were up in arms over Easter weekend after a marketing email advertising DIY products appeared to poke fun at Christ’s crucifixion.

The subject line, which read “Nail your projects this Easter” was understood by many recipients to be a pun on Jesus’ crucifixion at Golgotha, with one Twitter user describing the email as being “in very poor taste”, reports the Telegraph.

According to a Halfords spokeswoman the email had been sent “in error” and the reference to the crucifixion was wholly unintentional.

She continued: “We did not intend to cause any offence and would like to take the opportunity to apologise for any upset.

“As soon as we were made aware of the issue, we immediately stopped any further activity.”

Canon Dr Chris Sugden, writer for the Christian blog Anglican Mainstream, responded: “Halfords have apologies and Jesus’ death on Good Friday teaches us to forgive as we have been forgiven.

“We can suggest as a fruit of their repentance they make a donation to a Christian charity.”

Rod Thomas, Bishop of Maidenhead, put the marketing blunder down to the increasing prevalence of athiesm in the UK, adding: “If it’s just a pure coincidence, then that’s all it is.

“But if it’s more than that, then it’s a shame.

“If people have not got a Christian mindset, and increasingly in our country that’s the case, then these things don’t occur to them.”

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    jim walker

    Im not a christian but this just goes to show the mentality of the Halfords organisation, just a bunch of well educated prats who know everything about nothing, unless it’s on their phone or twitter, god help us !

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    Brian The Messiah

    I appeared in the ‘Life of Brian’ and I’m not offended, however I don’t believe in fairies either.
    ‘A Rather Naughty Brian’

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