Handbrake failure sees car plunge into sea

Car was left parked on steep pier while occupants got out to watch otters before it rolled off

Handbrake failure sees car plunge into sea
The vehicle was empty as it rolled off the pier and into the sea, and was later removed from the water.

A Volkswagen ran off a pier and plunged into the sea in the Highlands on Sunday after its handbrake failed.

The driver and passengers of the vehicle had left the car parked on Kylerhea’s steep pier to view otters in the sea nearby.

Kyle lifeboat crew said they were alerted by the UK Coastguard shortly after 13:15 on Sunday after hearing the car was partially submerged in the sea.

The car was later removed from the water.

A Kyle RNLI spokesman said: “Luckily the car was unoccupied when it rolled halfway down the pier and fell off the edge.

“Due to the rapidly incoming tide, it wouldn’t be long before the car was fully submerged making it very difficult to recover out of the sea.

“Therefore before departing the scene, the crew assisted with running lines to the shore to ensure that nobody else would have to enter the water during the recovery process later in the day.”

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