Independent loses battle with Jaguar Land Rover over web address

Land Rover specialist has lost its domain name because it infringed the car maker's trademark

Independent loses battle with Jaguar Land Rover over web address
A Land Rover specialist has lost a row with Jaguar Land Rover over a trademark.

An independent garage specialising in the servicing, repair and restoration of Land Rovers came up against Jaguar Land Rover after the motoring giant claimed the independent’s website infringed a trade mark.

Garage owner, Alan Olner used the web address to promote his business Land Rover Clinic Ltd in Coventry and registered the domain in 2014.

However an internet watchdog ruled in favour of car maker which has a large number of trade marks including ‘Landy’.

JLR representatives said the web address could cause confusion for owners who may think the workshop was authorised by the VM.

Niall Lawless of Nominet, an organisation which regulates internet disputes, said: “I consider there is a real possibility that an internet user arriving at the website linked to the domain name would assume that it relates to goods provided by Jaguar Land Rover and that it is a domain and site owned and provided by the company.”

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  1. Again we have a case of the “big boy” bullying the little fellow.
    There is no way on earth any customer could confuse the names Landy and Land Rover.
    The term “Landy” is used by enthusiasts of the brand.
    Any non enthusiast still uses the term “Land Rover”
    Money talking again here.
    If it wasnt for the independent aftermarket, half of the Land Rover’ you see on the road today would have disappeared.


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