Investigation to reveal impact of emissions from brakes, tyres and road wear

DEFRA and DfT launch call for evidence on the impact of emissions from normal wear and tear or brakes and tyres

Investigation to reveal impact of emissions from brakes, tyres and road wear
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The call for evidence, which was first announced in the new Clean Air Strategy, will look at ways to address the impact tyres and brakes have on air quality and our environment and will help inform the design of future policy.

It’s thought that emissions from tyre wear may contribute as much as five to ten per cent to the total amount of plastic in our oceans.

Environment minister, Thérèse Coffey said: “While we are all now well aware that fumes from the exhaust pipes on our cars can have a detrimental impact on human health, it is less well known that tiny particles that are released from our brakes and tyres also contribute to air pollution and can harm our precious marine life.

“This call for evidence will help us to learn more about how these particles are released as well the actions we can take to reduce their impact.

“I encourage anyone who has evidence or solutions to share to get involved.

“While we’re driving our vehicles, the brakes and tyres produce tiny pieces of particulate matter – for example dust and soot – that comes from general wear and tear.

“These particles are left on our roads and when it rains can be deposited into our sewers and oceans, leading to harmful consequences to our marine wildlife and food chains.”

“Very serious pollution”

Transport minister, Jesse Norman said: “Particulate pollution from exhausts has been reduced substantially in recent years.

“But we must also take action to reduce the very serious pollution caused by the wear of tyres, brakes and roads.

“Tackling this issue is crucial for reducing air pollution.

“We would urge anyone who has expertise in this area to get involved and share their evidence and views.”

The Call for Evidence will run until 28 September 2018.

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    peter bower

    Why do all these studies just hammer the motorist? we emit only 2% of world emissions in the united kingdom including power stations,landfill,household fuels etc. Did you know that an airplane taking off emits the same pollution as a car over its entire life span?

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    jim walker

    Firstly, what are they on, i want some, its fairy tail talk. want to cut pollution then build better quality roads out of better materials, encourage two wheel transport reducing traffic jams and associated pollution, tax very heavily air transport one of he biggest pollutants. ban air conditioning units in offices and shops the second biggest pollutant. 40 years ago we didn’t have this level of pollution when cars had no emissions equipment and the traffic levels were less and people used two wheels instead of four and their was very little air conditioning equipment, simple really. non of us have a god given right to drive a car, keep cool in the office or go on holiday on a plane. when all these do gooding left wing, politically correct idiots realise this, then we might get some sensible solutions

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